Knowing me, knowing you: An Introduction

Expectations. Let’s say you haven’t met me through my blog. Let’s say you met me walking down the street. You would have very different expectations of me than you do now. For starters, I ‘pass’ as straight, white, cis, able. This privilege means you barely look twice at me as I pass you, talking on the phone. You return my smile sweetly and move on.

But what you don’t know is there is nobody on the other end of the phone. I am chatting, not to a friend, or even myself: I am chatting to the voices Emily and Ezra who live in my head. Ezra, my oldest voice, has been with me for eight years now.

I see, this is where you sit bolt upright and perhaps start feeling uncomfortable. There’s no need. I am still the same person you were happy to smile at not two minutes ago. The truth is, though, that people do feel uncomfortable when I start talking about my voices openly. Some people still feel uncomfortable when I tell them about my partner. Society is moving in the right direction, but we need to be talking about these so-called taboo subjects to break down the stigma that surrounds them.

I hope, with this blog, I can reach a few people to let them know that is okay to be different. More than that, you should be proud.

So, welcome to my Mad Gay Agenda. I hope you find something of interest, even if it is simply hope.

Peace and Love



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